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The leading European manufacturing, trading and transport companies use our solutions

We make life easier for pilots and engine drivers
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We increase production efficiency and flexibility

We help clients save millions of dollars and many hours of work
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B2A is a premier developer in Zlín, Czech Republic, and the leader in digitising processes in the manufacturing and transportation sectors. We are looking for juniors and "seniors" who want to do extraordinary things and are willing to work hard and improve themselves.

Our products help companies
improve quality, efficiency and flexibility

Digitized Manufacturing

A comprehensive solution for digitized manufacturing from B2A consists of several individual applications on the iOS platform. They are compatible with all leading ERP systems. The goal for the solution is to streamline processes and save valuable time, make processes easily scalable and eliminate the duplication of information. Each application fits into the customer’s processing mosaic and delivers a clear-cut added value.
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Digitized Transportation

With the B2A airline solution, millions of passengers travelling each year with Travel Service can feel safer thanks to an intuitive and simplified communication system used between pilots and air traffic controllers. Pilots can easily report their capabilities or incapabilities to fly, report both the start and finish of service or upload documents. During development, emphasis was placed on simplicity, ease of use and scalability with additional functionalities. We also offer an application for train engine drivers.

Why work with us

Petr Kubíček


An experienced business developer and visionary. A person who listens to clients and never wastes a single opportunity.

"The most fun one can experience is trying the impossible.”

Jan Sklenář


Sharpened programmer. The top in his field. You can be sure that under his leadership you will reach the highest level.

"No matter if you wanna work from office or home. The main thing is the result!"
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There's an empty chair right here in the Zlin office or... possibility to work from ANYWHERE!

We have a job for you that adapts to your lifestyle. You can work with us and become a full member of A-team from anywhere. No matter if you prefer to work from cafe, bed or another part of the world. All our colleagues must feel comfortable and look forward to work every day… Because the most important are the results!

A-Team Career  Open positions

For students
We combine practice with theory

  • Internships

    We offer hard-working students the opportunity to participate in interesting projects for leading domestic and foreign companies during their studies. Summer internships, temporary jobs or part-time jobs are the ideal way to start a career and gain practical skills.

  • Workshops

    Thanks to our cooperation with TBU Zlín, we present students with the latest trends currently in practice while at their school. Regular workshops at the Faculty of Applied Informatics are led by our experienced CTO, Jan Sklenář.

  • Schoolwork

    Together, we will help devise a final school assignment that's not just going to collect dust in a drawer somewhere, but will instead provide an effective practical solution to a real problem.